Large area with many fruit trees
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  • Garage (35 m²) with separate room containing the furnace and oil boiler.

  • Sunny terrace (60 m²).

  • Large courtyard with gravel.

  • Stone well with bar fence.

  • Stone barn.

  • Large area (more than 1 hectare) with many trees including walnuts, apples, pears, peaches, plums and mirabelles.

  • Pond.

Around the property is only agricultural land. To the north, west and south side there is grazing land with cows. On the east side, there is a grain field. The farmer who uses the land around us is a very nice and helpful man who takes good care of his land and cows.

The nearest neighbors live 500 meters away from us as the crow flies. We have good contact with them. They also have a key to our house.


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