Your own park and river access in total privacy



The history of the estate dates back to the 14th century. The park, with special old trees, leads to the edge of the Loire with its sandy banks for your private enjoyment. Nothing disturbs the peace and quiet; you can swim, fish (trout, salmon and catfish), canoe and go boating on the Loire (and the ‘canal latéral’).

The estate covers an area of 1.6 ha. The garden is situated to the front of the estate and the park to the rear. The terraces to the back of the house (2 m higher than the park) give wonderful views over the park.

A huge staircase to the rear of the estate leads via a rosebush-lined walk to the park containing enormous trees including 2 cypresses, a very old red beech, several broad-leaved trees and conifers as well as fruit trees, including 2 walnut trees.

At the riverside is a private path that gives a wonderful view over the river. A natural staircase leads to the sandy bank of the river which you can enjoy in total privacy. This river is an official nature area so it is extremely peaceful and boasts a variety of different birds such as kingfishers, nightingales, orioles, various kinds of woodpeckers and owls.


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